Dental Crowns Restore Your Damaged Teeth

Is your tooth damaged? Adding a dental crown will restore, protect, and strengthen fractured, cracked, or weak teeth. Crowns are one of the dental treatments offered by your Farmington Hills and Sterling Heights, MI, dentist, Dr. Sheela Neral of Pure Dental.

How do dental crowns work?

A dental crown is a hollow restoration that covers the top part of a tooth. Commonly called caps, crowns can be made of porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, ceramic, and resin. These materials are tough enough to handle years of wear and tear and look just like your natural tooth enamel.

Before you receive a crown, your dentist must make your tooth a little smaller. After reducing the size of the tooth, she'll make an impression of your mouth, which will be used to create your crown. While you wait for the dental laboratory to complete your permanent crown, you'll wear a temporary crown. You'll return to the Sterling Heights or Farmington Hills dental office in about two weeks to receive your permanent crown.

Can a dental crown help my tooth?

Covering your tooth with a dental crown is an excellent solution if you experience any of these issues:

  • Fractured Tooth: Broken teeth make chewing difficult and can be painful and unattractive. Cementing a dental crown to your tooth restores your chewing ability, ends your pain, and restores the appearance of the tooth.
  • Cracked Tooth: A crack weakens your tooth, increasing your risk of a fracture. If a fracture is severe and extends into your roots, you may even lose your tooth. Fortunately, dental crowns strengthen and protect cracked teeth, preventing breaks.
  • Fragile Tooth: Weak or brittle teeth are also at increased risk of fracturing. Teeth can become weak due to wear and tear, aging, large fillings, or root canal therapy. Dental crowns absorb pressure generated when you chew, protecting your fragile tooth.

Protect your smile with dental crowns! Call your dentist in Farmington Hills and Sterling Heights, MI, Dr. Sheela Neral of Pure Dental to schedule your appointment. You can reach Dr. Neral by calling (248) 888-0364 for the Farmington Hills office or (586) 268-1040 for the Sterling Heights office.

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