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You never thought that a relaxing, enjoyable evening at your favorite restaurant would turn into dealing with a chipped tooth, but here you are. Now what? You must see a qualified dental professional as soon as possible, and the team at Pure Dental is here to help.

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Dr. Sheela Neral and her team combine high-quality dentistry with elite artistry to craft beautiful, long-lasting veneers, crowns, and other restorations to correct chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth. For over 20 years, Dr. Neral has provided trustworthy and dependable restorative dentistry to patients living in and around Sterling Heights and Farmington Hills, MI.

But It’s Not Causing Pain!

Just because your tooth isn’t hurting doesn’t mean that your tooth is fine. Small chips don’t expose the nerves of the tooth, so it is still possible to have chipped your teeth without dealing with sensitivity or pain; however, if you do notice sudden tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks (or sweets) or you develop a toothache, it’s important that your see us right away for treatment.

How is a Chipped Tooth Treated?

A lot will depend on the extent of the injury. Very minor and superficial chips can simply be buffed away. For more moderate chips, we may need to shave down part of the tooth and apply either an inlay, onlay (if one or more cusps of a tooth have been chipped), or a dental crown. Dr. Neral and her team will examine the tooth and run x-rays to check the extent of the damage before deciding on the best way to treat the problem. By shaving down the damaged parts of the tooth and placing a dental crown, we can restore strength into the tooth so you can feel fully confident chewing, biting, and speaking.

Of course, since a chipped tooth is considerably weaker than a healthy tooth, you mustn’t delay dental care. Dr. Neral can provide same-day treatment for those dealing with true dental emergencies. At Pure Dental we want to make sure our patients get the restorative dentistry they need when they need it most.

Let Pure Dental be your one-stop shop for all things dental. Whether you require routine cleaning, a dental crown or you have other dental needs, we can meet those needs at our Sterling Heights and Farmington Hills, MI, dental practices. Call us at (586) 268-1040 and (248) 888-0364 to schedule an appointment.

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