Dental Emergency FAQs

Nobody can predict a dental emergency. That’s what makes them so inconvenient. The good news is that Pure Dental, Dr. Sheela Neral, DDS & Associates in Farmington Hills and Sterling Heights, MI, is always available to assist you, so there’s no reason you should minimize an emergency. Just call Dr. Sheela Neral right away for the best possible outcome.

Among the most common emergencies we see are lost fillings, lost crowns, and broken dentures. Lost fillings and lost crowns are very similar. A key difference, however, is that fillings are used to repair cavities but crowns are used to cover broken or damaged teeth.

Over time, it’s not uncommon for fillings and crowns to grow loose and fall out. If you lose a crown or a filling, hot or cold temperatures will likely begin to trigger pain because of the exposed tissue. The discomfort might seem manageable, but it’s better to get these situations fixed as soon as possible so you can avoid getting food stuck or developing an infection.

Unlike a busted filling or crown, a broken denture is more likely to make itself known constantly, every day. It can make chewing, swallowing, and eating properly difficult. Depending on the damage, you may require a new denture altogether.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your dentures, or suspect that they might be broken, it’s best to contact Pure Dental, Dr. Sheela Neral, DDS & Associates in Farmington Hills and Sterling Heights, MI, immediately to avoid further damage. Dr. Sheela Neral and our team are always here to help, especially when your dental health is at risk.

These things happen, so don’t feel embarrassed, and please don’t hesitate to give us a call as soon as you notice or suspect something’s wrong! Get in touch with us … the sooner the better. Call (586) 268-1040 for the Sterling Heights office and (248) 888-0364 for the Farmington Hills office.

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