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  • Sealants for Children’s Teeth
    At Pure Dental, Dr. Sheela Neral provides comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages as your family dentist in Farmington Hills and Sterling Heights, MI. Sealants are just one Read more
  • Discover What Cosmetic Dentistry Can Do for Your Smile
    Cosmetic dentistry is a popular way to advance and improve your smile, with the use of whitening techniques and the ability to replace teeth, and so much more. Your teeth Read more
  • Dental Crowns Restore Your Damaged Teeth
    Is your tooth damaged? Adding a dental crown will restore, protect, and strengthen fractured, cracked, or weak teeth. Crowns are one of the dental treatments offered by your Farmington Hills Read more
  • Fixing a Chipped Tooth
    Accidents happen, and if you've chipped a tooth, you know the discomfort it can cause. A damaged tooth can cause pain, reduce functionality, and hinder the appearance of your smile, Read more
  • Choosing Us as Your Family Dentist
    Everyone knows that brushing and flossing your teeth helps you achieve a strong, healthy smile. Visiting your family dentist at least twice a year is another essential component of excellent Read more
  • Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry
    There are many reasons why you might need a cosmetic dentist. If you desire a whiter smile, need to replace missing teeth, or have another concern, there is a cosmetic Read more
  • WELCOME BACK: We look forward to seeing you again and are happy to answer any questions you may have.
    Welcome Back Read more
  • Make it a habit to Brush & Floss your teeth
    Make it a habit to Brush & Floss your teeth Everyday brushing and flossing is very important for all ages for a healthy mouth and getting rid of disease-causing plaque. Dental flossing is the most effective tool for preventing expensive periodontal disease treatment. Brush at least two minutes each time, two times a day. Floss between teeth to take out food debris which is not reachable by just brushing. Few minutes spent for brushing and flossing each day can contribute to a lifetime of oral health. Skipping brushing and flossing teeth regularly can lead to on-set of gum disease. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent bad breath problem, loss of teeth. Bad breath, gum-disease and loss of teeth discourages family, friends, and colleagues to have close relationships. Read more
  • Dental Emergency.
    Dental Emergency Read more
  • Corona Information
    How Long Does the Coronavirus Live on Surfaces? The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 mainly spreads from person to person. When someone who is infected coughs or sneezes, they send droplets containing Read more
  • Root Resorption in Adult Teeth is a Cause for Concern
    As a new permanent tooth develops, the roots undergo a process of breakdown and growth. As older cells dissolve (a process called resorption), they’re replaced by newer cells laid down Read more
  • 50 Cent Tweets His Dental Exam
    Not long ago, musician, businessman, and actor 50 Cent (AKA Curtis James Jackson III) joined the growing ranks of celebrities (like Demi Moore and LeAnn Rimes) who have sent out Read more
  • Daily Hygiene Tasks Performed Properly Help Ensure Good Oral Health
    Daily personal care is essential for optimal oral health. Brushing and flossing in particular keep bacteria and acid, the main causes of dental disease, at manageable levels. But to gain Read more
  • Nancy O'Dell Helps Put New Moms At Ease About Infant Oral Health
    During Nancy O'Dell's interview with Dear Doctor magazine, the former co-anchor of Access Hollywood and new co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight could not resist her journalistic instincts to turn the tables Read more
  • Three Things You May Not Know About Root Canal Treatments
    The term “root canal” is a part of our social lexicon, and not always with a positive meaning. But contrary to its negative reputation, a root canal treatment can make Read more
  • America's (Dentists) Got Talent - for Fixing Damaged or Missing Teeth!
    A recent episode of “America’s Got Talent” featured an engaging 93-year-old strongman called The Mighty Atom Jr. The mature muscleman’s stunt: moving a full-sized car (laden with his octogenarian Read more

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